SCAB Manifesto, 1990

“No one has the right to have kids”

- Gary Monster, 1990.

S.C.A.B. (Society for the Complete Annihilation of Breeding) is the legendary Queercore pamphlet that single-handedly put the ha! back in hate speech, and was not-so-anonymously published by Bimbox creator Johnny Noxzema in the Spring of 1990.

Inspired/influenced by the 1967 feminist classic S.C.U.M. (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto by Valerie I Shot Andy Warhol” Solanas, an estimated 2,500 copies of the original eight-page S.C.A.B. fanzine were distributed free “to those who deserve it” between 1990 and 1994, with the first 100 copies randomly left on the windshields of parked cars at the Skydome by Noxzema and fellow xerographic artist Gary Monster during a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.

Not available in bookstores, the rest were distributed with new issues of Bimbox, with approximately 75-80% of S.C.A.B. mailed to subscribers in the United States aroused by reviews in Maximumrocknroll, Factsheet Five, Larry-Bob’s Queer Zine Explosion or various articles and reports in NYQ, The Village Voice, Utne Reader, The Advocate, Screw Magazine and LA Weekly.

Like Bimbox, Double Bill, Gary Monster Magazine, J.D.s., Jane & Frankie and other popular Queercore zine titles in Toronto from that era, S.C.A.B. was a hand-assembled, cut-and-paste fanzine produced on a photocopier and has been cited as a radical example of Queer Theory.

Out of print and rarely seen since 1994, original copies of S.C.A.B. can be found archived in several university libraries around the world. Original text, reworked images and graphics pulled from a 1990 first edition of S.C.A.B. No. 1 have been presented here.


Jorial a/k/a “Johnny Noxzema”

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