Scary Monster, Super Creep, Space Oddity vs. Major Tom Girls

Ground control to major Tom Girls everywhere!
Caroline Azar Jena von Brucker and G.B. Jones
star in the movie
Project 36-C: Rude On The Moon!

36-CConfidential Top Secret Tip Sheet!

Does the Double Bill alumni Super-8mm stars of
Project 36-C have anything new to say about the
diabolical dead wife-killer in diapers in the movie?

Ground Control to major celebrity cameo!
Who's that girl on the phone with an urgent question
for Major Tom Girl... and will she answer from outer space?


William S. Burroughs:
Scary monster,
super creep, space oddity.

It's Gonna Get Ugly. Real Ugly!

The Better Bill William Conrad
sez “Take Charge”!

Pizzazz On Parade


Caught Dead Hall Of Shame

It's Gonna Get Ugly!

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